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Easily create trackable short urls to use anywhere on the web, email, Facebook or Twitter.

Introducing A URL Shortner Service Created Especially For Offline & Online Businesses & Salespeople, Real Estate Agents, Marketers, And Many More

DON'T BELIEVE IT? Click the "Short Url Domain" dropdown box on the left, where the "wiseurls.com" is, now notice the various domain names you could select for your short URLs. Regardless of whether your business is cars, homes, ecommerces, incentive giving, offline businesses, etc., these domain names were created to get people to click your links, and/or give credibility to them. Feel free to suggest others.

Where And How Can You Use These Special Links?

Facebook • Twitter • Linkedin • Instagram • In Text Messages • In Emails • In Facebook And Website Chat Boxes • Online Bulletin Boards & Forums • In Blog Posts • Affiliate Link Redirects • Product Referrals • Offline Advertisements • Use Them To Track And Analyse Unlimited Advertisements • On Business Cards • Postcard • Brochures • Signs • Real Estate And Contractor Yard Signs • Custom T-Shirts • Custom Hats • And Much More.

The Awesome Power of Custom URLs

You can set your own custom short url by typing something in "Custom URL" within the "ADDITIONAL OPTIONS" section. For example, let's say you are a real estate agent who want to send a link through a text message to a video tour of a listing. You could type in the property MLS number (MLS29442) into the "Custom URL" box, which will produce a short URL like http://ourhomes.re/mls29442.

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Your Business Reputation Is At Risk

We use the most up to date sources available on the internet to block links being created for sites which may contain viruses, spam or malware.

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Your Business Reputation Is In Jeopardy
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